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Jerome MacMurray was born on 15th of January 1942 in Brooklyn, New York. He began his long career in music at the age of 15 and has travelled all over the world during this time. These days Jerome occasionally travels to perform in Europe, but mostly he performs at venues in and around the North West of England. Jerome has a great repertoire of music that he performs as a solo artist, as a duo with international guitarist Max Vitali,

sometimes as a quartet, or as a larger band when required. The range of music styles he delivers is simply astounding, from jazz to rat pack, from Latin to blues, he has it all covered and it's all

delivered with the mastery, style, and panache you would expect from someone for whom music has been such a passion for all of his working life.

Jerome MacMurray Faded Box History

“Jerome MacMurray: Simply Me”

The documentary, “Jerome MacMurray: Simply Me”, as told by the man himself, is a fascinating glimpse into the life of Jerome, from growing up in the USA to settling in the UK, with tales of the amazing venues and superstars he met along the way.

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